Let the Campsite Come to You!

Kids' Teepee Parties

Fun Indoor Camping! 


Q. Will Happy Campers, Happy Glampers be staying to facilitate the party?

A. No, we deliver and set-up the party with tents, camping props, decorations, and food stations.  It is the host and hostess' responsibility to facilitate and supervise the party.

Q. How long does it take to set-up and take down a camping party?

A. Approximately 90 mins. to set-up and approximately 60 min to take down.

Q. How large are the teepees?

A. Teepees are 48" x 48" wide and 6' tall. 

Q.  How are payments made?

A. Happy Campers, Happy Glampers requires a $100 deposit when booking (refundable with one week notice) and the balance due upon delivery.  We accept all major credit cards or cash.  No personal checks.

Q.  Is all the bedding laundered after each party?

A.  Absolutely!  All sheets, quilts, rugs, and sleeping bags are washed and sanitized after every party.  The decorative rugs, pillows, and teepees are spot cleaned and laundered as needed.

Q. As host or hostess, what do I need to provide for the party?

A. You will need space for teepee set-up (48" x 48" and 6' tall).  Depending on your party package, and if you are having a sleepover, you will need to provide milk for the cereal and any other food or drink you choose to have.  Provide loving supervision and let kids be kids.  Remember Happy Campers, Happy Glampers is going to help make this the easiest party you have thrown!  Everyone will have a great time. Happy Camping!